Girl’s Day Minah is Adorable in Selcas

Minah of Girl’s Day might just be the cutest girl group idol around.

On November 26, Minah wrote on her twitter, “Find Lee Hyeri. One two three, did you find her?” and included a selca of her winking under a bright pink hoodie. In the background, her fellow group member Lee Hyeri peeks out from behind her. In her other selcas, Minah is just as cute with various poses and smiles.

Netizens thought the selcas were adorable as well. “Her eye smile is the best”, “This is how you do cute”, “I found Hyeri”, and “She’s so cute I want to bite her” were some of the many positive comments.

Minah and the other members of Girl’s Day are currently busy promoting their latest song, “Don’t Forget Me.”