BEG’s Jea Looks Youthful in Her Recent Selca

On her Twitter in the afternoon of November 27, girl group BEG’s Jea uploaded two selcas along with a message, “It has been a while since I had new cloth, and I feel so excited. I love it.”

In the pictures is Jea with an adorable pouty expression. With her light brown hair in a side braid and bright blue angora sweater, Jea looks much younger than her age.

Netizens who saw these pictures praised, “Jea looks like a college freshman,” “Jea looks so young,” “Both her hair and her new sweater give warm fuzzy feelings,” “She has always been so pretty.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls are receiving a lot of attention due to their racy teasers for their upcoming 19+ concert “Tonight 37.2 C.”

How do you like Jea’s new shirt?