Goo Hara and Nicole Play Lovers with Handsome Male Co-Stars in Their Solo MVs

Kara has recently released a solo collection album with two title tracks by Goo Hara and Nicole. Both of Goo Hara and Nicole has worked with handsome co-stars for each of their music videos.

Goo Hara’s “Secret Love” music video features ZE:A‘s Lim Siwan and Nicole’s “Lost” music video features Lee Jong Suk, whom she worked with as a co-MC for “Inkigayo.”

Both couples showed lovey-dovey acting skills in each of the music videos, which raised the anticipation of many fans.

In Goo Hara’s mid-tempo, urban dance track “Secret Love” music video, she plays a cute stalker who has a one-sided love with Lim Siwan. The two idols will show off their chemistry through a romantic proposal scene along with a couple dance scene.

Nicole’s “Lost” is an R&B track and features 2AM‘s Jinwoon. The track is about the longing and heartbreak toward an ex-lover. In the music video, Nicole and Lee Jong Suk will show natural skinship and affectionately look each other in the eye to transform into the perfect couple.

Meanwhile, Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon and Kang Ji Young‘s solo tracks and music videos will be released on November 30.

Check out Goo Hara’s “Secret Love” and Nicole’s “Lost” below!