Kara’s Park Gyuri Gets Close With Baek Ji Young’s Boyfriend For “Daydream” MV

On November 29, Kara Park Gyuri’s agency released still cuts from the music video of her solo track “Daydream,” where she acts as a couple with Baek Ji Young’s boyfriend, actor Jung Suk Won.

According to Kara’s agency, the music video is to portray lovers who have separated but suffer withdrawal symptoms of being without each other. With a romantic backdrop for the shooting of the music video, Park Gyuri and Jung Suk Won wonderfully portray the brokenhearted couple as they struggle to live without each other. 

From the still cuts, they seem like a realistic couple with the gazes they give one another and the light skin contact they share. 

 “Daydream” has a tango-rhythm foundation and features the light vocals of Park Gyuri. Through the lyrics, Park Gyuri is able to express them vocally and as an actress in her own music video. 

The music video for “Daydream” will be available on Kara’s official YouTube channel and for download off music sites come November 30.