Choi Si Won’s Character in “The King of Dramas” Has His Own Fan Club

A fan club for Choi Si won‘s (Super Junior) character Kang Hyun Min in “The King of Dramas” has emerged.

The name of the fan club is “SiwonSiwon,” and they recently sent the production crew and cast of “The King of Dramas” gifts in support of the Kang Hyun Min character.

On the boxes of the gifts were posters of “Hard Morning,” the fictional drama that Kwang Hyung Min is starring in. A note also was attached that read, “SBC Drama ‘Hard Morning’ Kang Hyun Min’s Fan Club – SiwonSiwon. Hello! Please take care of ‘Hard Morning’. Please enjoy the food!” SBC is the fictional channel that airs the fictional drama.

A representative of the drama spoke up about the fan club, “Fans of ‘The King of Dramas’ had prepared a special and surprise event…Because fans are greatly interested in the show they prepared an event.”

“The King of Dramas” is about the relationships between a drama producer, writers, and a stuck up celebrity. It stars Choi Si Won, Jung Ryeo Won, Kim Myung Min, and Jung Man Shik.