“K-Pop Star” Contestant Looks Like 2NE1’s Park Bom?

On November 2, the second season of SBS’s survival audition program “K-Pop Star” revealed a female contestant who resembles 2NE1’s Park Bom. But what’s creating much interest from the public is that she also auditioned for the first season of “K-Pop Star” and looked very different from then.

Sung Su Jin revealed through an interview on the show that her protruding chin was fixed after receiving orthodontic treatment in the past. She didn’t realize how severe it was until she saw herself on TV and decided to have orthognathic surgery to fix the protruding chin.

Netizens who saw this broadcast posted their opinions on their social networking sites. Some of the comments read, “Since Sung Su Jin received orthognathic surgery, she looks like Park Bom. They really look alike,” “When Sung Su Jin first went up to audition, I thought Park Bom was trying to audition,” “I was really surprised because even her back looks like Park Bom,” “Sung Su Jin became like Park Bom.”