2NE1’s Dara Reveals Selcas with Gifts from Fans

2NE1’s Sandara Park recently revealed two pictures of herself with gifts she received from fans.

On her Twitter, Sandara posted herself wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat and an adorable animal hat. Along with the pictures, the singer left a short note, “Gift from Vietnam.” Accordingly, the gifts are given by Vietnam fans during 2NE1’s visit.

In the revealed first photo, Sandara looks amazingly attractive. Her eyes look fierce yet charming. Comparably, in the second picture, Sandara expressed the other side of her. She wore the same outfit for both pictures, the dotted blue jumper, yet appealed opposite characteristics. With the yellow animal displayed hat, Sandara looks adorable!

Fans commented on the post, “Sandara’s selcas always make me amazed,” “It seems like Sandara really cares about her fans,” “Sandara is so pretty!” and “She looks like an actress. She is so beautiful!”