Kang Dong Won Makes Comeback Through High Cut Magazine

After completing his two-year military service last month, Kang Dong Won has finally made his return through a charming photo spread on this month’s High Cut magazine.

In this month’s edition that is set for release on December 6, Kang Dong Won teamed up with movie director Lee Myung Sae for an impressive winter-themed photo shoot. From a charismatic expression to a funny, mischievous look, Kang Dong Won put his actor face on full display for this special pictorial.

“(The past 2 years) felt like I was away from all the competition. The entertainment industry is like the sports industry, so there’s a lot of intense competition…The military work was my work, but I kept thinking it really wasn’t my true profession. I kept thinking I wanted to get out as soon as possible and start working again,” Kang Dong Won said in the interview that followed.

“My schedule for the next two years is fully packed. Two movies are for sure, one is being planned, and another one will be confirmed once I finalize my schedule. I just wanted to work as hard as possible. Time is so precious,” he added.

Enjoy the rest of the photos below!