DBSK’s Yunho Confirmed for Upcoming Drama “Night King”

DBSK‘s Yunho has been confirmed to be part of the cast in the upcoming SBS drama, “Night King” (“Ya Wang” or “The King Of The Night“).

According to broadcasting sources, Yunho will be joining the cast of “Night King,” which includes the leads Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae. Yunho will be attending the script reading sessions and start filming on set in the near future.

“Night King” is based on a comic by Park In Kwon titled, “Dae Mul – The Story of the Night King.” It is about a woman, who overcomes poverty and becomes the first lady, and a man who sacrifices everything for her and the stories of love, betrayal and desire.

“Night King” will be directed by the same directors who worked with “The Chaser.” The script will be written by “Rooftop Prince” writer, Lee Hee Myung. The first episode of “Night King” will air after “King Of Dramas” in early January of next year.

This isn’t Yunho’s first time acting. He was the lead role in “Heading To The Ground” in 2009. He also made a special appearance in KBS’s “Poseidon.”