10 Celebrities Having Fun in the Winter Snow

A heavy snowfall greeted the bustling city of Seoul yesterday. Although the snow caused many problems with traffic and transportation, many celebrities expressed their excitement and joy.

Click through the gallery to see stars like Ailee, Girl’s Day‘s Minah, 100%‘s Min Woo, BIGSTAR‘s Pil Dok, Go Eun Ah, Han Hyo Joo, Ji Chang Wook, Yoon Do Hyun, NS Yoonji and more, enjoying themselves in the pretty snow!

Ailee tweets on December 5, “It’s snowing~”

Ailee is sporting a furry hooded jumper and big glasses with a snowy background.

Netizens commented, “Ailee, you’re so cute,” “You look so good in those glasses, like an anime character,” “Ailee is excited about the snow too,” and more.

BIGSTAR member Pil Dok posted on his me2day, “It’s snowing! Wow~~~ I’m so happy that I’m seeing snow for the first time in a while! But you need to be extra careful on the road on days like this! Be careful in the snow and spend your winter with BIGSTAR ‘s ‘I Got Ya!'” He also posted a 30 second video clip of himself.

Netizens commented, “Our leader! Your excitement for snow is so cute!” “Listening to ‘I Got Ya’ on a snowy day is the best,” “I hope BIGSTAR carries out their schedule safely too,” “Be careful of the cold!” and more.

On December 5, Girl’s Day’s Minah tweeted, “Wow, snow is falling from the sky. There’s a tree behind me, carols playing in the background, everything’s good but why does it feel like something’s missing?”

Minah’s photo does indeed show a Christmas tree but she is making a crying face.

Netizens commented, “I guess idols get lonely too,” “I bet there are tons of guys lined up to meet Minah,” “Ah so cute,” and more.

On December 5, 100% member Min Woo tweets, “Have you seen the teaser for ‘A Guy Like Me?’ Can you guess what kind of track it is? We are here filming ‘Rising Brothers‘ and it’s snowing so much! I took this picture to show everyone the snow!”

Min Woo shows off the snowy landscape in one picture and in another, he shows off his radiating good looks.

Netizens commented, “Oppa, you are prettier than a girl,” “So good-looking,” “Snow prince Leader Seo,” “The snow is falling because ‘A Guy Like Me’ is going to be a hit,” “I was annoyed because the public transportation situation isn’t good but now I feel better,” and more.

NS Yoonji tweeted on December 5, “Ah, it’s snow!”

She is wearing a thick jacket with UGG boots with her arms spread out on the street.

Netizens commented, “Your body is flawless,” “On the streets? It looks dangerous!” “How will you get home?” and more.

Han Hyo Joo posted on her me2day, “An interview at Samchungdong on a snow day! It started to fall and now it’s a white world! Even the dogs are excited. Everyone, please be careful in the snow.”

In the photos, Han Hyo Joo looks like she is in the middle of a snowball fight.

Netizens commented, “Unni, aren’t you cold? Your hands must be freezing,” “She just takes the photo and it becomes a pictorial,” “You look so good with short hair,” and more.

Go Eun Ah tweeted, “Miss Go is very excited but she fell down” and “Hehe, everyone, watch out for the cold!”

The actress is smiling as she jumps around in the snow.

Netizens commented, “A big smile among the big snowflakes – Go Eun Ah is so pretty,” “I wonder how she looked when she fell down,” “Isn’t she cold?” and more.

Yoon Do Hyun tweeted, “Yoon Do Hyun’s selca at the five line of the subway.”

Ji Chang Wook also tweeted, “I brought my car but because of the snow, it won’t budge.”

It seems like both celebrities had to take the subway due to the heavy snowfall!

Netizens commented, “I guess I’ll see a lot of celebrities on the subway today,” “You can’t hide that celebrity force,” “Seems like you’ll have to watch out when you’re in the subway,” “I must take the subway today no matter what,” and more.

Actress Park Soo Jin tweeted, “I’m so excited that it snowed so I’m updating you!”

Park Soo Jin sports a brown leather jacket and a beige scarf as she stood outside the snow.

Netizens commented, “Your excitement for the snow makes you look like a little girl~” “I can see how excited you are through your photos,” “Soojin unni, you’re so pretty,” and more.