Busker Busker Beats Big Bang for Total Number of Hits in 2012 + Top 9 Artists With Most Hits

Even though PSY took the world by storm with his “Gangnam Style” sensation, if we talk about how many songs from one artist or team made it to the top, PSY unfortunately didn’t win that record.

Flip through the gallery to see who had the most hits this year and which songs were most loved by the Korean public! Can you guess who are the top 9 artists this year?

8. T-Ara (5 hits)
“Day by Day,” “Lovey-Dovey,” “Cry Cry,” “Sexy Love,” “We Loved”

8. K. Will (5 hits)
“I Need You,” “I Hate Myself,” “Don’t Do This Please,” “Love Cries,” “Like Now”

 4. IU (6 hits)
“Secret,” “You and I,” “Uncle,” “Peach,” “A Day’s End,” “Sea of Moon Light”

 4. PSY (6 hits)
“Tree Frog,” “Hot Goodbye,” “Gangnam Style,” “77 Theories,” “What Should I Have Done?” “Never Say Goodbye”

 4. Noel (6 hits)
“Miss Miss,” “In Order To Live,” “Words Not Said,” “Lover,” “If It’s Love,” “Leave”

4. Big Bang’s G-Dragon (6 hits)
“One of a Kind,” “Crayon,” “In The End,” “Missing You,” “Today,” “That XX”

 3. Huh Gak (7 hits)
“Hello,” “Only Words To Die For,” “Person Who Once Loved Me,” “Hurt,” “One Person,” “Listening to that Song,” “I Need You”

2. Big Bang (12 hits)
“Still Alive,” “Monster,” “Feeling,” “Bingle Bingle,” “Ego,” “Intro (Alive),” “Love Dust,” “Bad Boy,” “No Fun,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Wings,” “Blue”

 1. Busker Busker (18 hits)
“Tokyo Girl,” “Makkeolina,” “Seoul People,” “Spring Wind,” “First Love,” “Yeosu Night Sea,” “Cherry Blossom Ending,” “Ideal Person,” “Loneliness Amplifier,” “Alley,” “Entrance Of The Alley,” “Calling You,” “Perfume,” It’s Hard To Face You,” “The Flower,” “Neon Sign,” “Showers,” “If It Really Was Love”

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