Hyun Bin Thanks SISTAR for Helping Him Get Through Military Training

As reported earlier, Hyun Bin completed his Korean military service and was discharged from his duties on December 6. A brief press conference was held after his discharge, where Hyun Bin showed his appreciation to SISTAR in particular for helping him pull through the intense training.

Hyun Bin was first asked about his experience working with SISTAR at a music show hosted by the Marines last month. Hyun Bin was the show’s host and SISTAR was the main guest performer of the show.

He said, “I volunteered to host the show. In order to give strength and support to myself and the people at the Marines, I requested SISTAR to come perform, and they gladly accepted the offer. I’d like to thank them again for giving us so much strength. They’ve been very helpful to me personally to get through the military training.”

He continued, “I will continue to show them support, and I’d like to once again thank them for everything.”

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