Top 10 K-Pop Celebrity Quotes This Week

The week is nearing the end and with that comes a round of most interesting quotes from our favorite K-Pop celebrities!

PSY had some sound advice for Asian musicians promoting in the U.S., while Jay Park gave one of the funniest sketches on “SNL Korea” in recent memory. Oh Yeon Seo seems like she’s really in love with Lee Joon, but miss A’s Suzy says she’s never loved anyone in the past!

Flip through the gallery for this week’s top 10 celebrity quotes of the week! Also, don’t forget to let us know if we missed any of your favorite celebrity quotes!

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1) Jay Park

“I was just checking to see if ‘he’ was doing okay.” – Jay Park says as he gets caught “pleasuring” himself in one of the sketches for “SNL Korea.”


2) Oh Yeon Seo

“Why don’t we just get married for real?” – Oh Yeon Seo asks Lee Joon during “We Got Married,” revealing her true feelings for her “husband.”


3) PSY

“I’m not an American. I want my identification, you know, and occupation, and nationality. I want to keep it.” – PSY questions why Asian musicians try to act American in the U.S. during an English interview with CNN!


4) Suzy

“I’m not sure.” – miss A’s Suzy says she doesn’t have a first love yet during her speech at the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards.


5) Wooyoung

“All of those songs were written by JYP.” – 2PM’s Wooyoung blames Park Jin Young for all the banned songs or songs with explicit lyrics they’ve released.


6) Choi Soo Jin, older sister of Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

“The members of Girls’ Generation really eat a lot.” – Choi Soo Jin, better known as the older sister of Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, reveals a not-so-secret secret!


7) Eunhyuk

“All the members voted for me. I was #1 with the group’s full support.” – Super Junior’s Eunhyuk says as he reveals he was voted #1 ugliest member of the group by their own members!


8) Kim Ah Joong

“So I went to look at erotic movies.” – The star actress makes a surprise confession that she had to watch raunchy movies to learn how to perform bed scenes!


9) Kang Dong Won

“I kept thinking I wanted to get out as soon as possible and start working again.” – Kang Dong Won shares his thoughts on completing his military service in an interview with High Cut magazine!


10) PSY

“I’ve never mentioned that I’m tired and sick of the horse dance, but false stories are being published.” – PSY denies recent reports of him having said he was “sick and tired” of “Gangnam Style.”