SISTAR Responds To Hyun Bin’s “Thank You” With A Warm Message

Hyun Bin earlier shared at his mini press conference right after he was discharged that he was thankful for SISTAR in helping him get through military service. With the Internet so fast these days, it wasn’t long before the girls of SISTAR heard his thanks and sent a message of their own.

On December 6, SISTAR’s official twitter was updated with a message from Soyu, “Since we will not meet, we’ll put it on twitter. Hyun Bin oppa! We sincerely congratulate you on your discharge. Now we want to see you return quickly with a new project. Us SISTAR will always cheer for you.”

Soompiers, just a thought. Wouldn’t it be great if Hyun Bin starred in one of SISTAR’s upcoming music videos? What better way to cheer on the other party, right?