Child Actress Park Min Ha Takes Picture With DBSK’s Yunho

Child actress Park Min Ha recently was in the spotlight for being in a relationship with “Baby NichkhunMason Moon because he confessed on air. She later had a chance to talk about their special relationship.

On December 6, Park Min Ha shared a picture she took with Yunho from DBSK on her twitter (author’s note: she has her own twitter? that’s a very hip 6 year old) and included a message, “Ack. Took a picture with Yunho oppa after the script reading. Thank you for noticing me first and greeting me. Let’s meet again soon.”

Inside the picture, Yunho kneels down to take a better picture with the young starlet. He gives off a gentle and cool oppa aura with his soft gaze and leather jacket. Park Min Ha shyly poses for the camera and her right finger uses Yunho’s arm for balance.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Looks like Park Min Ha got casted in ‘Night King,’” “I’m jealous that she was able to take a picture with Yunho,” “She matches well as Soo Ae’s younger version,” “Seems like Park Min Ha is ‘it’ these days,” “She’s really cute,” “Park Min Ha must be really happy.”