Fierce Females Replace Innocent and Delicate Girls on the Big Screen

Nowadays, innocent female leads are from the past and should maybe stay in the past for quite a while. Now, the women are pouring out swear words, criticizing everyone and anyone, and showing a fierce aspect of themselves.

Han Ga In, an actress known for her innocent and pure image, got completely changed in the recently hit movie “Architecture 101” where she was harsh towards her first love, whom she had met for the first time in 15 years. The actress’s role was about portraying a distressed, divorced woman, and many of the audience, especially the female viewers, felt empathy with her swear words. “This was the first production where I could really enjoy the shooting,” said Han Ga In.

The same goes with actress Lim Soo Jung in the commercially and critically successful film “All About My Wife,” which she appeared as a spouse with a fearsome personality. The actress revealed, “Because there were so many lines throughout the movie, I hesitated a lot about choosing this movie.” Fortunately, Lim Soo Jung made the right decision and received the “Best Leading Actress” at the 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

For the upcoming movie “Love 911,” actress Han Hyo Joo is coming back to the big screen as an inflexible and cold-hearted character. With a will to participate in every fight, her character is also very direct in expressing her love towards firefighter Kang Il, played by actor Go Soo. “I found out how fun it can be to portray such a character,” revealed Han Hyo Joo at a recent press conference.