Son Dambi Flashes Her Pearly Whites with “Nice Guy’s” Lee Sang Yeob

Singer Son Dambi and actor Lee Sang Yeob recently took a picture together to display their close friendship. 

On December 7, Son Dambi tweeted, “This is me with Sang Yeob. He’s handsome!” and uploaded the following photo. In the photo, Lee Sang Yeob and Son Dambi are seen posing together making peace signs, looking chummy with their shoulders touching. Their bright smiles especially drew the netizen’s attention to their overall glowing and healthy appearances.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Wow, they look related,” “The two of you are incredibly good looking!” “You guys look great together,” and “They must be close!”

In related news, on December 6, Son Dambi won “Best New Actress Award” at the 10th Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards for MBC drama “Light and Shadow.”