Lee Kwang Soo Transforms into Superhero Thunder Man in Upcoming Film “My Little Hero”

On December 7 at upcoming film “My Little Hero“s press conference, Lee Kwang Soo transformed into his character from the movie, Thunder Man, to entertain his younger fans. In the film, Lee Kwang Soo plays the role of Jung Il, who dreams of becoming a Broadway star but is a children’s heroic character “Thunder Man” in real life. He wears Thunder Man’s mask and acts as a superhero everyday, getting scolded by his friend Il Han (played by Kim Rae Won) almost everyday and yet, he is the biggest supporter of Il Han. 

At the press conference of “My Little Hero,” Lee Kwang Soo yelled, “Your friend Thunder Man!” upon entrance and entertained the guests. Currently, Lee Kwang Soo is starring in SBS “Running Man” and has become very popular among young demographics, mainly elementary school students. He is known as the “president of the elementary school students.” Child actor Ji Dae Han, who is co-starring in “My Little Hero” with Kim Rae Won and Lee Kwang Soo, also picked Lee Kwang Soo as his favorite adult actor.

Lee Kwang Soo’s costars Kim Rae Won and Jo An praised Lee Kwang Soo and his character Jung Il. They unanimously agreed that no other actor but Lee Kwang Soo could be Thunder Man. After hearing so much praise about his Thunder Man character, Lee Kwang Soo made a declaration, “If the movie attracts more than 2 million in audience, I will wear my Thunder Man costume and dance at a sushi restaurant!” 

Kim Rae Won added to Lee Kwang Soo’s declaration, “When and if it happens, I will bring every single one of you who’s here today to the restaurant personally.” Jo An also contributed, “And I will also be in a Thunder Man costume, making sure everyone gets in a cab, one by one, after the gathering.” 

Meanwhile, the film “My Little Hero” is a story about music producer Yoo Il Han, and how he seeks to make a come back and meets a boy with angelic voice, Young Kwang. Kim Rae Won, Jo An, Ji Dae Han, and Lee Kwang Soo star in the movie. The film is coming to theaters in January 2013.