Hyun Bin’s Fans Donates 4.35 Tons of Rice to Celebrate His Discharge

On December 6, actor Hyun Bin was discharged from his mandatory 21-month military service in the navy.

Hours before his official discharge, over 1000 Korean and international fans and reporters gathered in front of the building. In addition, 4.35 tons of rice adorned with flowers was seen at this gathering. This was the donation made by Hyun Bin’s fans from Korea and Japan to celebrate his discharge.

Various messages were written across this donation. They included, “We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time,” “Welcome back,” “Actor Hyun Bin’s dream future is here,” “We will always support you all the way,” and “It’s been 641 days and you are finally here.”

In addition to the 4.35 tons of rice, 70% of the profit made by the company from which the fans purchased the rice from will also be donated.

An official from this company later revealed that this amount of purchase proves significant support and love for Hyun Bin from his fans.

Meanwhile, 4.35 tons of rice will be donated to the charity of Hyun Bin’s choice.