“School 2013” Cast Are All Hard at Work

The cast of currently airing drama “School 2013” are hard at work to deliver a quality product for the viewers to enjoy. Photos of the cast working behind the scenes were recently released through local news agencies, showing the cast of the school-set youth drama immersed in their scripts.

The series of pictures captures cast members Jang Nara and Daniel Choi, who play teachers, as well as Lee Jong Suk, Park Se Young, Choi Chang Yub and Kim Woo Bin who play students working through their roles by memorizing their scripts and discussing the movements.

“All the actors, whether they have a big part or a minor scene are fully immersed in their roles and do not want to miss a single detail on their work on set. They are busy with shooting in progress and despite all the difficulties, we’re all committed and continue to ask a lot of affection,” a representative of the production said in a statement.

“School 2013” airs its third episode on December 10.