Yoo Seung Ho Flirts with Kim So Hyun?

On December 7, the staff from MBC‘s drama “I Miss You” uploaded a clip of Kim So Hyun who visited the filming set to play the role of younger Lee Soo Yeon. As soon as Yoo Seung Ho was finished recording a voice over clip he was getting ready to leave when he was invited to stay and watch the filming. 

It was the first time Kim So Hyun had met Yoo Seung Ho that day, so the actress held back from saying hello due to nervousness. The producer saw this and encouraged her to meet the actor by suggesting, “Why don’t you go ahead and take a photo with Yoo Seung Ho so that you can brag about it to your friends at school?” But Kim So Hyun kept covering her face and stood there bashfully. 

Yoo Seung Ho joked about the matter good-naturedly, “Hey, if she doesn’t want to take a photo she doesn’t have to. If you keep nudging her, that just makes me feel embarrassed too.” Caught off guard by his remark, Kim So Hyun hurriedly assured the actor, “No it’s not that. I do want to take the picture” and summoned the courage. Yoo Seung Ho teased her by saying, “Thank you for taking this photo with me, it is a real honor,” causing the young child actress to be flustered.

Kim So Hyun’s cell phone was used to take a photo of the pair together, and afterwards Kim So Hyun seemed deeply engrossed in checking her cell phone in order to avoid meeting the actor’s gaze. Yoo Seung Ho however continued joking with the actress saying, “Why don’t you take another photo of us together on my phone,” causing the rest of the staff to laugh at their cute interaction.

Yoon Eun Hye also wanted to join in on the fun and playfully whined, “I want to take a photo too.” But she decided not to take a photo because of her messy hair and instead hugged Kim So Hyun warmly before she left the set. 

Netizens who saw the interaction of the two stars commented, “Watching their interaction made me chuckle,” “Why is Yoo Seung Ho so adorable?” “I want to take a picture with you too, Seung Ho!”