Son Dambi Looks Like An Anime Character in Latest Selca

On December 9, singer Son Dambi tweeted, “The weather is cold, but my heart is warm,” and shared a selca with her fans. 

In the photo, Son Dambi is dressed in a goddess-like gown for her stage performance. She looks almost like an anime character, with perfectly straight hair, almond-shaped eyes and a small oval face. She peers into the camera with a studious yet elegant gaze. Her white, one shoulder dress is attached to a flowing train, which gives her the appearance of a greek goddess. 

 Netizens who saw the selca commented, “Are you a human being or a goddess?” “Son Dambi, you’re becoming prettier by the day,” “Wow, Son Dambi looks incredibly beautiful here. I am speechless.”

 Son Dambi is currently in the midst of promoting her title track “Dripping Tears.