Hyun Bin’s Comeback Depends on How Fast His Hair Grows?

Is Hyun Bin’s next project going to be decided by the speed of his hair growth? According to reports in local news agencies, Hyun Bin, who was just discharged from his mandatory military service on December 6, is currently receiving offers for various projects, including movies, dramas and commercials but has yet to decide what he will be doing next.

Hyun Bin’s last drama before serving in active duty with the Marines was “Secret Garden,” which has become a hit. With films, and other appearances in commercials thereafter, Hyun Bin’s popularity was at an all-time high, and his comeback is much anticipated.

“Hyun Bin had to cut his hair when he was enlisted, and maintain that short cut throughout his service so he had to have a haircut again even during his last vacation,” local news agencies quoted his management as saying. “As a civilian, he will have to grow it longer for him to be able to appear in public again, in acting and various CF projects.”

Viewers and netizens who have caught on to this piece of news reacted with “You’re still cool with that hair, Hyun Bin. We’ve been waiting for your comeback,” “Your hair will grow faster, right?” and some such comments.

Meanwhile, reports say Hyun Bin’s next public appearance is likely to be a fan meeting since “Secret Garden” is scheduled to air in Japan.