Boy Group SPEED to Make a Comeback with “It’s Over”

Boy group SPEED will finally be making a come back with a new mini-album.

On December 10, SPEED released a teaser image to announce their comeback. SPEED will be returning with “It’s Over” and will release their mini-album on January 9.

“It’s Over” is produced by hit producer Shinsadong Tiger, Kim Tae Joo and Hyu Woo, who worked on Yang Yo Seob‘s “Caffeine.” “It’s Over” is a dance track with R&B sounds as well.

Furthermore, “It’s Over” is garnering a lot of attention due to the fact that actress Park Bo Young has lent her vocals to the track as well as starred in the music video. The teaser clip will be revealed on December 17.

SPEED is a sub-unit of Co-Ed School and consists of three original members Tae Woon, Jung Woo, Sung Min and 4 new members Jong Gook, Se Joon, Yoo Hwan and Tae Ha. The female members of Co-Ed School are the sub-unit 5dolls.