Secret to Stop Promotions? Zinger Ordered to Rest 3-4 Weeks From Car Crash

It’s been a couple hours ago that the members of Secret were involved in a serious car accident in the early morning of December 11 and that Zinger has been hospitalized because of serious injury.

A representative from TS Entertainment updated Zinger’s condition through a phone interview with a local press, “Zinger has been ordered to rest for 3-4 weeks until she fully recovers. The other members (Hyo Sung, Sun Hwa and Ji Eun) will receive a thorough medical examination.”

The same person continued, “Zinger is currently resting in the hospital while the other members are taking a break. It looks like we’ll have to cancel today’s schedules.”

Regarding the other members’ current activities, the representative commented, “Because the other members haven’t received medical check ups, we plan to adjust or cancel their schedules depending on the results. Sun Hwa currently has her individual schedules, so we’re trying to figure out how we can work it out.”