Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, and Joo Jin Mo Get Together to Celebrate Hyun Bin’s Discharge

On December 9, Hyun Bin got together with friends Jang Dong Gun and Joo Jin Mo to celebrate his discharge from the military. The three actors shared a meal and drinks together for the first time in a while. A source says that Jang Dong Gun and Joo Jin Mo gave Hyun Bin many advices in both his future career and life. 

Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, and Joo Jin Mo’s friendship is very well known inside and outside of the entertainment industry. The three actors play baseball together on celebrity baseball team, Play Boys. Even when Hyun Bin was still in the military, fans have spotted the three together whenever Hyun Bin was out for a vacation. Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun are especially close. In 2006, Hyun Bin signed an exclusive contract with AM Entertainment after Jang Dong Gun recommended it. Recently, Hyun Bin signed a new contract with O& Entertainment, a new agency that AM Entertainment’s agent Kim Ok Hyun established. 

Hyun Bin was discharged from the Korean Marine Corps on December 6. He joined the Marine Corps in March 2011 and spent 21 months serving the country. On the day of discharge, Hyun Bin garnered much attention for his teary confession, “I missed acting so much.” He plans on taking a short break before returning as an actor. Sources say that Hyun Bin has received numerous scripts for movies and TV dramas. The advertising industry is also showing much interest in him.