Seo In Gook Was Told He Looked Like A Gremlin By A Senior Actor

Singer and actor Seo In Gook recently revealed that he was teased by actor Lee Sung Jae for his appearance. 

On December 12, Seo In Gook, Lee Sung Jae and Ryu Soo Young made guest appearances on MBC’s “Radio Star.”

Actor Lee Sung Jae began talking about Seo In Gook’s appearance by saying, “I think women these days are really into guys like Seo In Gook. He has sort of this rough yet unique appearance.” Ryu Soo Young chimed in, “He looks a little weird.”

Seo In Gook responded, “Lee Sung Jae told me that I look like a monster…like some kind of gremlin.” According to Lee Sung Jae, Seo In Gook’s eye shape most resembled that of a gremlin’s. 

Lee Sung Jae stated, “The more I look at Seo In Gook, he is adorable and sincere. One time I saw him taking a nap so I gave him a kiss.”