Hyun Bin Is the New Face of Caffe Bene

Quickly taking back his rightful claim as the entertainment’s hottest star after being discharged from military service, Hyun Bin wastes no time and signs an exclusive contract with local coffeehouse chain Caffe Bene.

Hyun Bin’s last project before entering service was “Secret Garden,” which became such a local phenomenon that variety shows and other dramas would parody scenes from it, certain phrases became very popular in day-to-day life and Hyun Bin’s sparkly blue tracksuit became a hot selling item. One popular scene in the drama is the “foam kiss,” which took place at a coffee shop. This became a big incentive for many coffeehouse labels to seek Hyun Bin to become their model.

A marking representative commented, “In order to have Hyun Bin agree to be the exclusive model, we started negotiating before his discharge. And if more cases like this happens, you can be sure to see Hyun Bin’s face in various areas like electronics, foods and clothing.”

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin is currently resting while he carefully looks for his next project.

Soompiers, will we see the popular “foam kiss” again in his upcoming CFs?