Huh Gak Expresses Anger Towards “Fan” for Prank Texting His Father

Singer Huh Gak expressed his anger on Twitter about a fan with a false identity who keeps texting his father. He tweeted, “Who is actually doing this. Texting my father and pretending to be an old friend from my elementary school. Wow. If you do that one more time, I’m warning you that I will do something about it. I have to change phone numbers again just because of you. Urgh, you’re really annoying. Should I reveal your number too? Stop playing around.”

Upon seeing Huh Gak’s Twitter message, netizens commented, “God, people are so evil,” “How did that person know his father’s phone number?,” and “Hope this doesn’t happen again.”

On the other hand, Huh Gak won the Rookie Award at the 2012 26th Golden Disk Awards and the Rookie Male Solo Artist Award at the 2012 Gaon Chart Awards.