Singer Son Dambi Reveals Her Secret to Maintaining a Toned Body

Singer Son Dambi recently revealed her secret in maintaining a fit and toned body. 

On December 16, Son Dambi had a brief interview with MBC’sSection TV Entertainment” at the set of her new CF filming location in NamYangJu. 

Son Dambi sported a sleeveless top with shorts for the filming that accentuated her impressively toned body. She was asked what her method of maintaining such a trim and fit figure was, and she replied, “As long as I keep in mind that exercising can be fun, even through the chill of winter- I get twice or triple the results I was initially aiming for.”

When asked why she decided to be the model for the shoot, she responded, “I tend to enjoy exercising and maintaining my body’s health. I make sure to get in my exercise no matter what.” Son Dambi also went on to show how she continues to work out even at home with her exercise belt.