Singer Son Dambi Sends Jay Park A Love Call

Singer Son Dambi recently sent Jay Park a love call. 

On December 16, Son Dambi gave a brief interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment” show at the set of her new CF. 

When the reporter asked Son Dambi if there was any artist she would like to collaborate with, the singer picked Jay Park with little hesitation.

She explained, “The way Jay Park simply expresses himself on stage and knows how to have fun makes him an appealing artist to work with.”

Son Dambi also went to show one of the key choreographed dance moves to her latest comeback title track, “Dripping Tears.”

Netizens who learned of Son Dambi’s love call for a future collaboration commented, “Son Dambi and Jay Park singing as a duet? Excellent choice”, “Jay Park and Son Dambi would make a great-looking couple” and “Son Dambi and Jay Park’s collaboration will be one to look out for.”