DBSK Members Reveal Their Dating Styles and Breakups

The members of idol group DBSK opened up about their heart-breaking love stories.

On December 17, DBSK members were invited as guests on the MNet show, “Beatle Code 2.” They revealed their personal love stories while choosing songs that reminded them about their past. U-Know Yunho started with his story and choose Wheesung‘s song, “With Me.”

U-Know Yunho confessed, “I used to date a girl when I first joined DBSK. One time, after we had a big argument on the street, my girlfriend at the time thought I wasn’t taking care of her properly and told me that she wanted to end the relationship.”

Max Changmin choose the song “Just Like That” by Lee Seung Chul and told the audience about a relationship when he was in his early 20’s. He said “Right after I broke up with my girlfriend, she asked me to sing her ‘Just Like That.’ When I think about it now, she wanted to end our relationship just like the song’s lyrics.”

Yunho added, “When I am in a relationship I try to act cool on the outside, but the truth is that on the inside I am actually timid.” Changmin confessed that when he is in a relationship, “I can be pretty controlling and obsessive.” The episode will air on December 17.