Sexy Diva Son Dambi Transforms into a Fairy for Latest CF

On December 17, singer Son Dambi tweeted, “Took this photo during a break in shooting for a CF. This wig is a little different. Hahaha” and uploaded the following selcas. 

For her latest selcas, Son Dambi takes on the appearance of a magical fairy. The mystical allure of her face was further enhanced by the use of eye shadow, sequin details and winged eyeliner. Netizens couldn’t help but admire other perfect features of the artist’s face such as her clear complexion, V-line and almond-shaped eyes. 

Netizens who saw the selcas remarked, “Just by changing the color of her hair, Son Dambi gives off a completely different aura about her”, “Son Dambi, from now on you are a fairy”, “Son Dambi’s selcas prove that she is simply a goddess”, “Her beauty is incomparable”, “That wig wouldn’t look good on just anyone” and Son Dambi whatever you do, you always looks so beautiful.”