A Look Inside Kang Dong Won’s Latest Project
Actor Kang Dong Won and director Lee Myung Se revealed a three-minute short film.

On December 17, Kang Dong Won and Lee Myung Se presented their latest collaborated work; a three minute special film entitled “G Project.” This is the full version of Kang Dong Won’s Christmas teaser trailer, which was posted December 13 on the YouTube channel.

This unique motion picture was created and produced by Lee Myung-Se, who is known for his movies “M” and “Duelist.” Divided into five chapters, the film vividly captures Lee Myung Se’s exceptional artistic approach, marking it as a memorable piece. In addition to Kang Dong Won’s recent film, “G Project”, various news and back story, as well as behind-the-scenes in the making will be introduced. An exclusive interview with Lee Myung-Se can be found as well, all packed in the digital application for fashion magazine “High Cut.” 

Kang Dong Won’s special film “G Project” will be available for a free download on December 17, through the iPad Apple App Store via the “High Cut” app.