Netizens Discover That DBSK’s Yunho Is Benefactor of Former High School

DBSK‘s Yunho has been receiving lots of publicity for his anonymous donation to his alma mater school, which the netizens uncovered.

On December 17, Yunho made a guest appearance on Mnet’s “Beatles Code” and shared a little more on his latest philanthropy projects. The emcees asked Yunho, “You have been funding scholarships at your former school for the past 8 years and you also purchase fridges and appliances for your hometown. Are there other reasons for why you have been doing this?”

Yunho, who confessed he doesn’t have many memories from high school, shared, “However, I still made friends and teachers gave me advices I needed to be where I am now. I have been donating ever since because I feel grateful.” MC Shin Dong remarked, “Yunho donates fridges while Changmin loves to eat so he views girlfriends as if they were fridges,” causing everyone to laugh.

Netizens who tuned in and learned of Yunho’s gift commented, “It’s touching to hear his great deeds because Yunho donated out of sincere feelings and not just for show,” “Stars who have been doing anything in the long run all have their reasons!” and “Yunho is amazing for continuing that donation for 8 years!”