Celebrity Couple Naul and Han Hye Break Up After 9 Years

One of the most adored celebrity couples, Naul and Han Hye Jin confirmed their breakup on December 21.

A source from Naul’s side said, “He did break up with Han Hye Jin. I am not sure what the exact reasons of the breakup are, but I believe it stems from the difference in personalities.” This source added, “It seems like they have been broken up for about two months now. I knew they weren’t seeing each other that much so I assumed that they were going through a rough path. I never expected them to actually break up.”

The signs of their breakup were apparent before the news became official. Earlier this year, Han Hye Jin mentioned Naul while playing the “Of Course” game against Lee Min Jung on SBS “Healing Camp.” When Lee Min Jung asked, “Are you going to get married soon (to Naul)?” Han Hye Jin swiftly answered, “Of Course.” However, when Lee Min Jung asked her again, “Are you going to marry someone else?” Han Hye Jin answered rather quickly again, “Of Course.”

Fans and viewers suspected that Han Hye Jin had broken up with Naul after this short game aired. The speculations grew as Naul failed to mention is long-term girlfriend during his press conference in September. The source from Naul’s side commented, “I think they were going to officially announce the breakup sometime soon. They looked good together. This is disappointing.”

Meanwhile, Han Hye Jin starred in film “26 Years” and have been hosting SBS “Healing Camp” with comedians Kim Je Dong and Lee Kyung Kyoo. Naul is currently scheduled to continue Brown Eyed Soul‘s concert series until February 2013.