B1A4 Shows Off Their New Suit Styles for L’officiel Magazine

The boy band, B1A4, introduced pictures which revealed their masculinity.

On December 21, B1A4 held a photo shoot for a men’s fashion magazine(L’officiel Hommes) pictorial called “NEW HERO.”

For the overall concept, each of the members reinforced their masculine image wearing colorful and handsome suits to go with their unique hair styles. In particular, CNU‘s long hair created a magical feel while Baro’s hairdo produced a funky kid look.

A spokesperson on behalf of the photo-shoot praised the members, “For the pictorial each of their unique mix-and-match suit styles were perfectly produced.”

Netizens commented,”I like their now look, especially CNU looks the best,””All of the members now look like handsome boys” and “I want to try their new styles.”