Girl’s Day Minah Shows Off Her Adorable New PJs

Girl’s Day‘s Minah recently shared selcas of her new pink teddy pajamas.. 

On December 21, she tweeted, “These are my pajamas! Hehehehe I feel so happy” and uploaded the following photos. In the photos, Minah takes mirror shots for a full-length view of her new pajama set. Minah makes an adorable peace sign and smiles at her camera phone as she showed fans her glee over her new sleeping wear. 

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “How cute!”, “She has the courage to show everyone her pajamas!”, “She looks so innocent and adorable”, “She’s so pretty” and “Where did you buy it? It looks cute!”

In other news, Girl’s Day recently participated in MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol” on December 19. On the show, Girl’s Day Minah confessed that her ideal type was Song Joong Ki