Graph Compares Male Singer Group’s Average Heights

Following the popular rankings of the average weights of boy groups, a new chart was revealed:Comparing Male Idol Group’s Average Heights.”

The post showed a bar graph of the average heights of Korean male singer groups. The graph was divided into five sections with colors representing differing heights.

X5 emerged as the tallest group in average height standing at a whopping 186.2cm (6’1″). They were joined by CN Blue at 183.0cm (6’0″) as the second tallest overall group, followed by DBSK at 181.2cm (5’11”), who came in third.

The second tallest grouping included 2PM at 180.8cm (5’11”), B1A4 at 180.5cm (5’11”) and U-Kiss standing at 179.2cm (5’10”) while SHINee (178.8cm, 5’10”) and Super Junior (178.0cm, 5’10”) were paired in the “middle height” class.

Infinite (177.8cm, 5’10”) and Big Bang (177.2cm, 5’9″) were placed in the orange group which represented the second shortest group, while Beast averaged at 175.6cm (5’9″) and Teen Top standing at 175.1cm (5’8″) were revealed to be the shortest groups.

Netizens commented, “I didn’t realize that Teen Top members are so short,” “I guess height and popularity don’t correlate” and “As long as the songs are good, that’s all that matters.”