Sean Shares YG Family After-Party Photos

Photos were taken at a restaurant right after YG Family’s successful 15th Anniversary concert in Osaka, Japan (Kyosera Dome) and Saitama (Saitama Super Arena).

On his twitter, Jinusean’s Sean wrote, “Oh my, my irresistible popularity. Company party after YG Family’s 15th anniversary concert in JAPAN.”

In the photo, Sean’s junior singers were revealed including 2NE1’s Sandara Park, CL, Minzy, and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. They are holding a placard that wrote, “Thank you Sean,” which made it seemed like they are fans of the mighty Sean.

Netizens who saw the twitter commented, “They look so friendly together,” “They are so cute, look at their smiles!” “I guess Sean is really nice to other singers,” and “I want to party with YG Family too!”