“Night King” Releases Trailer ft. Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae

Upcoming SBS drama “Night King” recently released a forty second teaser, stirring up hot interest for this upcoming drama. The mysterious teaser looked more like a photo shoot and sounded like a poetry reading rather than a drama trailer. Viewers praised the trailer for looking like a top-notch music video with its unexpected content and dramatic music.

In the forty second video, viewers can get a sense of the lead characters’ tender love for one another. The video goes back and forth between the lovers and symbolic black and white dice. However, once the dice break glass, the lovers have suddenly turned on one another. There is a contrast between the two lovers, Kwon Sang Woo in black and Soo Ae in white, but they both have tears in their eyes as they point a black pistol at each other

In the video Soo Ae narrates, “The person who loved me more than the day we met, and then missed me more than the day we fell in love.” Then Kwon Sang Woo continues for her, “The person who thinks it is good to die together at the break of dawn.” The teaser ends with both of them saying “I have loved the person who predicted the joy and end of the world.”

“Night King” will air on January 13 on SBS.