Taeyang and CL are Comical YG Siblings in Latest Selca

Big Bang’s crooner Taeyang and 2NE1’s charismatic leader CL joined up for a pretty comical picture.

On December 27, CL shared the picture on her instagram (@chaelin_cl).

Both CL and Taeyang stick their tongues in front of the camera. CL hides behind her shades while Taeyang gives the viewers a scrunched wink. The photo is filtered to help emphasize the two subjects, which is probably unnecessary since they both already command such attention.

Interestingly, on the following day, Taeyang shared a “behind the scenes” picture of the fun collaboration on his instagram (youngbeezzy) as a nice gesture. The surroundings reveal that they’re inside YG Entertainment’s building.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “They really look close… jealous,” “When is Taeyang coming out with a solo?” “Just how many charms does CL have?” “Comical YG siblings!”