ZE:A’s Im Siwan Imitates a Kitty Cat

ZE:A‘s Im Siwan recently imitated a cat lying on a ladder and watching people with quite the cold and disgruntled look on its face. Not to be outdone, the singer got as close as he could to the feline and mimicked the pose himself to emphasize the hilarity of the situation.

He posted the picture to his twitter page with the caption, “This cat is a troublemaker. It transformed into a human! Actually, I transformed into the cat.” The picture reveals the singer’s playful side to fans. Im Siwan also has one arm crossed over and holding the other as he shoots the same unamused look at the camera. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Im Siwan as a cat. This photo is so cute,” “Im Siwan, you are so good-looking!” “Kwang Hee might get jealous if you keep doing that,” “Im Siwan, how can a guy be as adorable as you are?” “Actually my eyes keep wandering back to the cat,” and “But this cat is even more adorable than the Puss-In-Boots character in Shrek!”