Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Gives Fans D-3 Comeback Message

It’s only three more days until Girls’ Generation makes their official comeback! This time, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica prepared a special message for fans, translated below:

“Hello everyone! I’m Jessica from Girls’ Generation. I’m here to tell you what Girls’ Generation has been up to lately before we make our official comeback. Lately, Girls’ Generation has been busy practicing for “I Got A Boy” and this upcoming arena tour concert. Sunny and I have been especially busy with our musicals. We can’t wait to meet you all soon so we’re working very hard, so please wait a little bit longer! I hope you enjoy the rest of your 2012 year and start the new year with Girls’ Generation with renewed energy! Please look forward to our newest track “I Got A Boy!” 

The teaser clip included images of Jessica sporting pieces that promote Girls’ Generation’s newest concept. 

Fans who saw the message responded, “She is beautiful! Jessica, I love you!” and “She is so pretty!”