Picture of Won Bin and Kang Dong Won Eight Years Ago Resurfaces

A picture of two of Korea’s most loved actors Won Bin and Kang Dong Won became a hot issue. The photo seems to be dated from 8 years ago from the date on the bottom of photo says December 2, 2004 and the background looks like the picture was taken at a bar.

Even though the picture is eight years old, many say that it looks like it was recently taken. That is probably because the beauty of these two actors makes the picture stand out even more.

Netizens comments include, “People’s pictures which are that old should look a bit weird but here, they look so chic,” “Wow. No comment. Looks so good,” “Kang Dong Won and Won Bin are just so handsome that old pictures like these have no effect on them,” and “They look beautiful then and still look beautiful now.”