Record Breaking Movie “The Thieves” to Premier in China

Breaking the box office record with over 13,000,000 viewership, “The Thieves” became the highest-grossing action movie ever in Korea. The action-comedy will premiere in China on January 15.

According to the film distributor, Showbox Mediaplex, the movie will be shown on over 3,000 screens through the Chinese giant film group, Lava Film

“The Thieves” will become the second largest movie ever to premiere in China. “The Grandmasters,” produced by Wang Kar-Wei, holds the record breaking title, opening on over 5,000 screens. 

A Showbox Mediaplex representative said, “Due to China’s political regime change, we had to delay the premiere date to six months after it first premiered in Korea.” He added, “To promote the movie, producers Choi Dong Hoon and Jeon Ji Hyun will be attending the premier screening.”

Despite the delay, Lava Film is excited with the movie as their spokesperson commented, “If the film was released last September, it would have been very successful. However, we still believe that the movie will be a success even though China has a lot of serious illegal distribution issues.”

“The Thieves” will also be released in Japan, Indonesia and Russia.