Kim Soo Hyun Looks Amazing in Recent Non-photoshopped Picture

Recently on an online community, a non-photoshopped picture of actor Kim Soo Hyun surfaced. The photo was taken at a winter pictorial photoshoot for a clothing brand.

In the picture is Kim Soo Hyun sitting on a white stool and resting his legs on another stool. Even though the photo has not been altered, Kim Soo Hyun’s legs are unbelievably long. It is clear that Kim Soo Hyun has an amazingly well-proportioned body.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “So awesome,” “Unphotoshopped Kim Soo Hyun. I guess celebrities are just different breed of people,” “His head is so small,” “How could someone’s legs be that long? Cool.”

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun is currently working on the upcoming film “Secretly and Greatly.”