Netizens Criticize Girls Generation’s Jessica’s Lack of Enthusiasm on Stage

On January 7, posts titled “Jessica is the only one who doesn’t do headbanging on stage” appeared on several online community forums. The author of the original post cut out the headbanging part from the comeback stage of Girls Generation‘s “I Got a Boy” on January 1 separately to emphasize Jessica’s lack of enthusiasm.

The author of the post points out in separated video clip that while all members of Girls Generation shaking their heads back and forth passionately, Jessica settled with rather weak and aloof nodding movements. The author argues that it is understandable that Sooyoung cannot do a full-blown headbanging since she has to sing the very next part, but Jessica has no excuse not to do the choreography right.

Many netizens agreed with the author of the post, “I think she’s opting out with some nodding since she doesn’t want to ruin her hair. Unfortunately, the members who are full-out headbanging seem more attractive,” “That’s some half-hearted stuff,” “What is up with her?” and “She’s too busy trying to look pretty that she’s not doing her job.”