Song Joong Ki Admits He Is Hot-tempered

On SBS radio power FM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” that aired on January 4, actor Song Joong Ki appeared as a special guest.

When one of the listeners asked if Song Joong Ki was really a “Nice Guy” and when was his last time he got angry, Song Joong Ki answered, “I actually have quite a temper.”

Song Joong Ki continued, “I tend to speak out when I feel like I am not being treated fairly at work. I also get angry when co-workers act rude. Once, I actually yelled at an older actor.”

When the listeners became shocked, Song Joong Ki added that his close friend Lee Kwang Soo advised him to have a better control of his emotions.

When DJ Park So Hyun said, “I begged Song Joong Ki to make a guest appearance here, and now I feel bad. I think Song Joong Ki was referring to me when he was talking about a rude older person,” Song Joong Ki apologized immediately. He appeared to be embarrassed, and stated, “I think I misspoke.”

Meanwhile on this show, Song Joong Ki also revealed why he was not completely happy with the success of his recent film “Wolf Boy.”