Actor Lee Jun Ki Shares Old Photo Taken at The Set of “Arang and The Magistrate”

Actor Lee Jun Ki shared an old photo that was taken at the set of the MBC drama “Arang and The Magistrate” on his Twitter.

He also wrote, “This was already 2 months agooooo~ time is going so fast~ I should soon work on my next production and show it to you guys~ I’m so driven right now~ I miss you guys~ I should definitely work~!!! Be healthy and be careful.”

In the picture, Lee Jun Ki is making two Vs with his fingers and smiling at the camera. It is a different side of him as he was always portrayed as a cold and hard-edged character in the drama.

Netizens’ comments include “I miss you too. Come back soon with a good production,” “You were so handsome,” and “Fighting.”